Family mediation is a way of helping you reach agreements with a former spouse, partner or family member about you, your children, your home, your assets, any debts, ongoing maintenance and pensions when your relationship has broken down.

Family mediation is an increasingly popular alternative to asking the court to make decisions about your life and family. It provides tools to help you be in more control over your future and it can assist and support family members to establish new working relationships.

In family mediation you usually negotiate face to face (either online or in person) with your partner about arrangements and decisions which need to be made for you and your family with the assistance of a family mediator.

Family mediation is all about what really matters to you.

Family mediation concentrates on what you think is important. When a relationship is over, it allows you the opportunity to talk directly to each other with the help and guidance of a trained professional mediator to support you working out and resolving matters.

Family mediation:-

  1. Recognises that you are the experts about your own family and that you are the best people to be making decisions.
  2. Allows you both to speak directly to the other party to clarify matters.
  3. Provides the support of a professionally qualified mediator to guide and support you through your discussions, to make sure that you cover the options, to provide you with background legal information about your situation and the alternatives open to you.
  4. Assists you to work out the practicalities of your plans and proposals.
  5. Helps you, as parents, to focus together on the needs and best interests of your children.
  6. Gives you the tools so that you are better able to sort out your arrangements yourselves.