Online mediation provides a safe, flexible, convenient, low stress and often cheaper and more effective way of resolving issues and disputes.

It is the process of conducting mediation appointments (both individual and joint sessions) via video. All participants, including the mediator, communicate online remotely using video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype.

You can remain in your own space and have more flexibility around arranging meetings at a time to suit you without the need to travel to an unfamiliar place.

At the preliminary individual meeting, we explain and discuss with you how to arrange things so you feel comfortable about taking part.

There are many advantages to online mediation (as well as the flexibility, time and convenience) including:-

  1. Being in your own space means that you feel safe and comfortable and so it allows you to focus more fully.
  2. It avoids the stresses of putting both parties in the same room and creates professional detachment.
  3. It can be cheaper as less sessions may be required.
  4. It’s easy to take a short break in your own environment to gather thoughts and regroup.
  5. You can use an experienced mediator from anywhere and aren’t limited to those in your area.